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A Swiss Homeowner's Guide to Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Understand if solar is right for you

✔️ Learn how grid-connected solar PV systems work and what’s involved in an installation

✔️ Calculate potential electricity production and bill savings based on your roof and household usage

✔️ Compare purchasing versus leasing or solar loans to choose the optimal financing

Navigate the solar landscape in Switzerland

✔️ Discover projected growth and the policies supporting adoption in Switzerland

✔️ Check your region’s specific subsidies, tariffs, permitting processes and regulation

✔️ See if your municipality and canton currently provide favorable conditions for going solar

Confidently install solar PV on your home

✔️ Follow the step-by-step process from site evaluation to final utility approval

✔️ Get insider tips for selecting qualified installers and comparing quotes

✔️ Understand key factors like panel types, inverter sizing, electrical wiring, and mounting

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