Upgrade your home with cutting-edge solar photovoltaic solutions.

SWISS photovoltaic solutions for your property

Power your home and vehicle sustainably while saving money


Photovoltaic solutions for Swiss homes and vehicles

Modern house with patio area and solar panels

Residential Installations​

Increase your home’s energy efficiency and cut your energy bills with a photovoltaic rooftop installation.​

Commercial Installations

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and provide a clean energy to your business. ​

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle charging stations for residential and commercial use.

Energy Storage Solutions

Store your excess generation for later with state-of-the-art battery storage solutions.​

Create your own power source

Provide a renewable source of energy that’s clean, safe and reliable. PG Solar takes your photovoltaic project from start to finish.

Why work with PG Solar

We implement end-to-end projects

We install custom and bespoke solutions

We work with reputable local suppliers

We commit to sustainability

Generate up to 70% of your own electricity needs

Start your energy independence journey now!