Add battery storage. Take your solar system to the next level.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your solar power system? Integrating battery storage allows you to store your solar energy for use anytime – even at night or in the dark winter months.

Ready to start using your solar energy around the clock?

You spent money on solar panels to be energy independent, but haven’t achieved it without storage.​

You invested in solar panels but still rely heavily on the grid when the sun isn’t shining.​

How battery storage works

PG Solar integrates high-quality lithium-ion battery systems with your solar system to store excess energy production. This stored solar electricity can power your home during grid outages or be used anytime to reduce energy costs.

Key benefits of adding battery storage

Maximise your PV system investment

Customise the right battery for your needs

We offer multiple battery storage options to suit your specific needs:

We handle your complete battery storage installation

Site evaluation and energy usage analysis

Our team of experts will assess your property and analyze your energy consumption patterns to properly size your solar + storage system.

System design and permitting

We handle the technical system design, engineering specifications, and acquiring all required building permits.

Coordination of all rebates and incentives

We will identify and secure all available federal, cantonal, and utility incentives and rebates to maximize your cost savings.

Installation of batteries, inverters, and monitoring

Our experienced solar technicians will professionally install all the storage components and integrate them with your PV system.

Ongoing maintenance and support

We provide continuous remote monitoring of your system and perform any necessary maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Generate up to 70% of your own electricity needs

Embark on a journey towards energy independence with PG Solar. Designed specifically for Swiss homes, our rooftop solar solutions put the power back into your hands. Schedule your free consultation now and redefine your energy future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery storage system costs depend on the energy storage capacity required for your needs. We provide a detailed quote outlining your specific solar + storage costs and projected savings.

We install top battery brands like Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, and sonnen. Our experts recommend the right battery type and size for your solar system.

Yes, most Cantons have a system in place that allows homeowners to sell excess power back to the grid.

Today’s lithium-ion batteries maintain excellent performance for 5-15 years. With proper maintenance and operation, batteries can achieve 10+ years of useful life.

Adding energy storage isn’t required but provides benefits like powering your home during grid failures. We can advise if batteries make sense for increasing your solar system value.