Our solar solutions

PG Solar can help you understand the benefits of solar power and help you choose the right solution for your needs. We offer a wide range of solar products and services.

Solar rooftop installations​

These systems are designed to complement existing architectural and construction techniques and can be installed on a variety of roof shapes. Choose between on-roof, in-roof, or flat-roof solar systems for your home.​

Solar carports and EV charging​

Solar carports are stand-alone structures that serve a dual purpose – offering shelter to vehicles while generating clean, renewable energy. You can then use this free electricity on-site and (or) charge your electric vehicle with it.​

Battery storage

Integrating solar energy with battery storage can help make your home more efficient, increase the reliability of your system and allow you to store electricity for later use. They can help reduce the cost of energy and can be used to store energy in times of peak demand.​

Pergola, terrace and fence installations​

Sitting in the shade and enjoying the sun is made even better when it’s through the shade of your solar panel installation. And solar fencing is a fantastic and stylish alternative to a traditional fence.​

Financing and incentives

Financial support for your solar journey

Worried about the cost? The Swiss Confederation and Cantons offer substantial financial incentives for solar installations. We’ll guide you through the process to help you benefit from these incentives, making your transition to solar even more affordable.

Generate up to 70% of your own electricity needs

Embark on a journey towards energy independence with PG Solar. Designed specifically for Swiss homes, our rooftop solar solutions put the power back into your hands. Schedule your free consultation now and redefine your energy future.